Whiteboy Scummy

Michael Wilson


Keswick, ON

Rapper, Event planner, Social Media

2 Years In Music

With Whiteboy Scummy, what you see is what you get in the best sense possible. As a human being he wears his heart on his sleeve, and as an artist he tackles the profession with a confidence resulting in a product which reflects just that.


Seeming to be grounded in reality and bursting with enthusiasm for his craft, Whiteboy Scummy has worked towards creating an identity more than just the content that comes from it. His work itself goes hard on every bar as the man is constantly thinking up lines on the spot to add to his arsenal of wit. Always grinding and making sure to keep his fans up to date, this artist is one to follow for the inspirational factor alone.

The Roots



Jerk Chicken

Salt and Vinegar Chips

Podcast Interview