TJ Wakeling

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TJ Wakeling embodies the raw ambition it takes to become an artist in today's world. Coming from Victoria, BC and being a major supporter of the local scene, he wastes no time as he grinds through the necessities of what it takes to become entirely self made. Producing, mixing, and mastering his own content aren't even the extent of his capabilities, but TJ Wakeling continues to crush through the learning process to hone his abilities and bring them together to create original and quality pieces of art.

A major player in TJ Wakeling's progress is his self awareness. Loyal, humble, and aware of what it takes to become the person he needs to be, TJ Wakeling constantly strives to better himself while actively contributing to the community around him. 

Name: Tommy-James Wakeling

Age: 21

City: Victoria, BC

Born: Montreal, QC

Occupation: Toys'R'Us