Stephen Zettl


Saskatoon, SK


Active Since 2018

RainbowGlory displays a level of awareness and consciousness that is highly sought after in this day and age. His artistry combines that fact with charm, wit, and an enormous amount of heart. With the ability to view his craft from a technical standpoint, RainbowGlory is able to articulate specific themes throughout his often freestyle type releases. This shows a rare type of enthusiasm and rawness in the craft that many artists mistakenly avoid.


RainbowGlory's ability to radiate his core energy has drawn cohorts towards him with which he works very closely, and who share the same vibes and mission through their collaborative music. This fact in itself speaks for the direction that RainbowGlory and his group, "The Definitive Collective" will be heading with their upcoming releases and future in the industry.





Ice Cream

Podcast Interview