Custom Music Production

We will create an original beat based on your specifications. You will receive progress reports that require a response in order to ensure your satisfaction. Please fill out the form and include:

What will the track be used for? (Standalone, album, video, commericial, etc.)

Give us a description of the track as you imagine hearing the final product to sound. Consider what elements do you want to be the main factor.

Is there an example of something close to what you’re looking for? This will provide an audio reference for us to gain more of an understanding of what you are looking for.

Project completion may take up to 2 weeks. Priority may be placed on projects that have tighter deadlines.

Our usual price for a simple beat begins at $50 increasing price as complexity goes up. 

During August, a simple beat can be commissioned for $20, increasing price as complexity goes up. This includes a basic lease. An exclusive lease may be purchased for $50 on top.

Prices vary based on the complexity of the project. We will always try to work within your budget. The progress reports we will send are crucial to providing you with a quality product.