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Nyukyung (pronounced New King) is evidently a very potent human being. You can tell that the people in his circle carry immense respect for him as he attributes a lot of his success towards those individuals. Recently breaking itunes charts appearing at the #3 spot with his album "Trap Harmonix," this rising star shows no signs of slowing down! His music has main stream appeal while keeping his lyrics close to heart, making them incredibly relatable.

Nyukyung exhibits an insatiable desire to make progress and a focus that compliments to the point of bringing everything he envisions to life. Constantly on his grind and very much set into his identity as an artists and influencer, Nyukyung is guaranteed to make waves in the industry like never seen before. Confidence is his main grace, but you won't see him talking too much shit because his work speaks for itself.

Name: James Pak

Age: 24

City: Vancouver, BC

Born: Tacoma, WA

Occupation: Full-time Artist