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MNL Don brings meaning to the title "hustler." If he said it, he meant it. If he meant it, you best believe he's on it. Entering the hip hop game through starting his own clothing brand, MNL Don quickly realized his next moves which were to become a recording artist himself. This man moves so quick that talking too much about his current situation would leave us far behind, so make sure you keep up!

Confident and consistent in the execution of his craft, you can catch this mogul keeping the fans updated through his social media platforms. Always coming up with something new and often hilarious, MNL Don exhibits effortless charm and wit in every post.

As an artist, MNL Don brings a classic old school flavour that his been missing from the current generation of music; incredible head bobbin music you can cruise to.

Name: Patrick Pestano

Age: 25

City: Barrie, ON

Born: Phillipines

Occupation: Military