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An international student from Zimbabwe, K The Chosen has established himself as a local artist through various releases spanning his abilities in spoken poetry. His projects tend to be centralized around common themes from uncommon perspectives, which he pulls off in a way true to his nature and against the flow of main stream pressure. K The Chosen makes bold moves in a direction similar to that of the greats, but with an inflection and flavour that is undoubtably unique. His tone indicates a very well spoken individual while his words leave you wandering in a maze of your own consciousness, guided by the breadcrumbs left in his message.

K The Chosen as an individual maintains a philanthropic identity as he plays a public role in human rights issues pushing for social change. These motives are obvious in the lyrics he clearly puts his heart and soul into.

Name: Thabo Chinake

Age: 24

City: Calgary, AB

Born: Harare, Zimbabwe

Occupation: Student (Bachelor of Commerce)