David Wiebe


Victoria, BC


Active Since 2015

On the surface, JUSTDAVE comes across as a simple man raised on a farm somewhere near Saskatoon. Humble, kind, human. But as you get to know him, you come across the deep complexities that make up this individual which have brought him towards this air of stillness. The presentation and contrast of the complexities beneath a neat exterior help us reflect on the many different things that make us unique but also in a way, the same.

In his music JUSTDAVE springs through poetic lyrics and a tone accurate to the themes he wishes to portray. He often takes the role of a storyteller putting pen to paper on the reality of his life while using clever but catchable metaphors. With music to enjoy for any mood, we look forward to seeing more from this artist!


Lime Green


Bengali Food

Peanut Butter Bagel

Podcast Interview