El Nino

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El Nino carries a level of complexity and self awareness that is rarely ever paralleled, in itself and through others. The true contrast is drawn when you listen to how catchy and relatable his lyrics are, while the message within them maintain personal depth and experience that stem from a life most of us wouldn't understand.

Seeming to draw his inspiration from a tight grip on reality, and his role within it, El Nino tackles the game in a methodical and strategic manner. Inspired by psychology and a love for human beings, through his craft he seems to emulate the true ancient spirit of an artist while adhering to modern times. Success is merely a milestone for this up and coming artist, and only he will know what's truly in store after that.

Name: Esteban Palacio

Age: 23

City: Vancouver, BC

Born: Medellin, Colombia

Occupation: Bartender/Student